Coastal Carolina Flea Market to unveil new solar panels

Coastal Carolina Flea Market to unveil new solar panels
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LADSON, SC (WCSC) - A Charleston-based, solar development company has completed construction on the largest solar-powered flea market in South Carolina. 

Southern Current has installed 737 roof-mounted solar panels and 18 inverters at the Carolina Coastal Flea Market in Ladson, South Carolina.

The solar electricity generated from those panels will offset 82 percent of the market's current electrical costs, higher-ups with the company say.

Southern Current performed the installation using their own professionally trained and licensed staff with the help and coordination of local utility provider SCE&G.

"This project is very unique," said Daniel Kassis, vice president of renewables at SCE&G. "To date, this is going to be the largest privately-owned, self-financed solar installation on our grid that utilizes the SCE&G bill credit incentive.".

Dan Davis, president of Coastal Carolina Properties, the company that owns and operates the Coastal Carolina Flea Market, was intent on owning the panels himself, instead of leasing. Although the investment had a steep up-front cost, Southern Current expects the system to generate $45,000 annually for Mr. Davis.

"First and foremost, this was a smart business decision for me, I'm saving money while reducing my carbon footprint," said Davis. "I wanted to own the panels so I could receive all of the benefits of ownership. This month, I saw a 34 percent savings on my bill and the panels had only been installed and operating for half of the billing cycle," said Davis.

"The Coastal Carolina Flea Market project was very inspiring for me," said Greg White, chief construction officer of Southern Current. "To have a local customer recognize the value of solar energy, and get the opportunity to partner with SCE&G on the project helped demonstrate what is possible for residents and businesses across South Carolina." White led the team responsible for the construction and interconnection of the Coastal Carolina Flea Market solar project.

Construction of the roof-mounted solar array took about six months to complete from inception to completion and produces enough energy to power 45 residential homes.

The Coastal Carolina Flea Market will have an unveiling ceremony Thursday to showcase the completed project to the  public.

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