Detective: Murder suspect rapped about killing bartender

VIDEO: Teen charged in North Charleston murder will stand trial

NORTH CHARLESTON (WCSC) - A teenager accused of killing a popular bartender rapped about the interview to investigators, a detective testified Thursday.

During a preliminary hearing for Green on Thursday, North Charleston Detective Jerry Jellico testified he showed Green a photo of Brantley during an interview at the police station, and that's when the suspect started rapping.

"He began rapping to the victim saying, 'f*** him, f*** this, I shot him in the head, I shot him in the head,' and rapping all over, took the picture said 'f*** it' and threw it on the floor," Jellico testified. "Myself and Benton took him to jail and he just sung about killing and thug life and all this kind of stuff the whole way to jail."

North Charleston police officers say Green and a second suspect, De'Andre Murphy, shot Brantley multiple times in the parking lot of Park Circle's Sparrow bar on April 20.

Investigators say Brantley, who had just ended his bartending shift, was robbed of his cellphone.  
Green and Murphy have been held without bond since their arrests.

Now 18, Green was 17 when he allegedly killed Brantley. A judge has ruled that there is enough probable cause to send the case to trial. 

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