TAKE A STAND: New Terror Attacks

WCSC - VIDEO: TAKE A STAND: New Terror Attacks

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - New attacks on American soil: this time in New Jersey, New York and Minnesota. There were injuries, but thankfully no deaths.

And quick action by police brought the suspect searches to a quick end. The Minnesota mall stabbing suspect was shot and killed. And the man suspected in both the New York and New Jersey bombings was shot by police, but survived and hopefully will provide some important answers.

Were these attacks the work of lone wolves or part of a bigger terror cell here in the U.S.? It's too soon to know.

Were we lucky this time?  We were absolutely lucky more of the homemade bombs didn't detonate.

We also have to ask ourselves as this happens more often, are we becoming less shocked? Is this the new normal? Let's hope not.

In both cases, it was alert citizens and police who led to quick resolution.

An off-duty hero officer in the Minnesota mall saved lives by risking his own by engaging the suspect. And alert, vigilant citizens in New Jersey answered urgent cell phone alerts from police when they recognized the bombing suspect.

That's what America is all about.

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