Police: Armed, masked men rob Food Lion on Dorchester Road

Police: Armed, masked men rob Food Lion on Dorchester Road
Charleston Police are responding to a four-car crash in West Ashley. (Source: AP)

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The North Charleston Police Department is investigating after two masked men armed with semi-automatic guns robbed a Food Lion on Dorchester Road.

Witnesses told officers the two men, one of the suspects wearing a white, Jason-style Halloween mask and the other in all black with a cloth over his face, ran in with guns drawn Sunday just before 9 p.m.

According to a report, one suspect jumped a counter door arm, pointed a gun at a cashier, demanded all of her money and threatened to "blow" her head off if she didn't give it to him. When the cashier struggled to open her register, the man put the barrel of his gun to the side of her head and told her to hurry up or he would shoot her, the report states.

When the woman opened the register, the suspect grabbed a plastic grocery bag and held it open for her to put cash inside.

Another cashier gave the second suspect the money inside her register after being threatened, the report states.

The suspects fled from the store, running toward Forest Hills after being handed an undetermined amount of money, responding officers were told.

One of the suspects allegedly fired shots through the building's open doors as they ran.

Officers say they found coins in the area the suspects were seen running in.

Investigators are working to see if any video or pictures are available.

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