North Charleston launches new site to attract tourists

North Charleston launches new site to attract tourists

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - North Charleston launched a new website Monday to promote the city's tourism.

The new website,, is more geared towards tourists visiting the area than the current which is specific to residents.

"Visit North website is a unique website that tells visitors all about what we have to offer as it relates to food, beverage and events," Amy Heath, Director of Tourism for North Charleston said.

She said tourism is up five percent for last year, which is equated to about $18 million.

Heath said the new website will give people visiting the are an opportunity to explore North Charleston and the hidden gems it has.

"I hope with this website it will let people know the understanding of who north Charleston is. I think for a long time we have never told our story so to speak so this website lets us showcase who we are," Heath said.

She also said another outlet the city has been getting is through the film industry.

"Last year I would say the average of 24 million dollars is what the film industry brought into the city," Heath said.

Dena Davis is the owner of the Pink Crocodile, a shop in Downtown North Charleston. She said she's excited to see what good this website can bring.

"I think it's going to drive a lot of new customers and I can already see without the website it started to drive a lot of new businesses so the area is going to grow and its only going to get bigger and better," Davis said.

She also said she has seen a boost in shoppers coming to her store since the HBO show Vice Principals showed her store on screen.

"It was just on last week but my phone did go off and lot and my friends were all like I saw your show on HBO which was super fun. I think you know if you film a lot of shows and movies here it's going to be like what Wilmington did and that drives tourism because that's what people want to see," Davis said.

North Charleston is currently working with NBCUniversal and Netflix for two new shows that will be filmed in the city.

"I don't think a lot of people understand or know the level of which we're doing films here. To be honest with you about year round we're doing film," Heath said.

With both the film industry and the new tourism website, Davis is certain things will continue to be busy, "We're getting ready because I think it's going to be crazy great here."

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