Local woman drops 180 pounds without surgery or diet pills

Local woman drops 180 pounds without surgery or diet pills

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Melissa Coraine, 33, has been overweight most of her life.

"I was always the overweight kid and did not have a lot of friends," says Coraine.

It wasn't until Melissa hit the lowest moment in her life that she said she gained control.

"When I got out of the relationship I was in and my son came that's when it hit me and I needed more," says Coraine.

At that time Melissa was at her highest number 350 pounds.

"I just ate whatever I wanted to when I wanted to ice cream cake cheese burgers, french fries just whatever," says Coraine.

Soon after having a baby Melissa became motivated for both herself and her newborn.

"I felt like I would not be able to give him the life we deserved if I was that way," says Coraine.

Friend Brandy Southerland says she started to notice several of Melissa's personal struggles.

"This person was weighing her down literally weighing her down and she put on a lot of weight," Says Southerland.

Melissa started walking 30 minutes a day along with her little one.

"I would put him in a stroller and walk around with him in it," says Coraine.

Soon her walks became longer and her cravings for better health became stronger.

"Really my motivation was that you can do this and you have to do it for him," says Coraine.

In her first year, Melissa lost 100 pounds.

Besides walking, she also changed her diet - switching from soda to water and cutting out all fast food.

To date, Melissa has lost more than180 pounds without diet medication or surgery.

Melissa is now more than half the size she was before.

"I feel like I'm the healthiest I have ever been in my life," Coraine says.

Sutherland agrees.

"I can see the light in her eyes like when I met her. I'm so glad she was able to put herself first," says Southerland.

Melissa's routine now is a lot more intense.

She goes to the gym five days a week, plans out her meals, and runs 5ks and obstacle courses for fun.

Melissa's drive and determination even rubbed off on her mother Lynn Coursey.

Melissa's mom decided to go back to school and get a degree in accounting.

"She makes up her mind to do something and she does it," says Coursey.

"Not everyone can do what she has done on her own", says Southerland.

Melissa's advice to YOU?

"You can do it all you have to do is get up and get out," says Coraine.

Mellissa's goals don't stop there.
She is hoping in the near future to train to run a half marathon.

Something she says before she never would have even imagined to do.

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