Big Dam Swamp community rebuilding one year after historic flood

Big Dam Swamp community rebuilding one year after historic flood

GEORGETOWN COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - A community in Georgetown County is continuing to rebuild one year after the historic flood that took lives and homes.

Folks living in the Big Dam Swamp community near Andrews are still feeling the effects of the flood.

Vincent Cleversey's house on Big Dam Swamp Drive was completely underwater. Cleversey recalls having to evacuate his entire family, carrying one bag of clothes and some jewelry.

"Bad, upsetting, extremely upsetting, I try not to think about it to be honest with you," Cleversey said Monday.

Preston Wilson can sympathize with Cleversey. His house also was underwater from the flood.

"I remember I had a huge task ahead of me, 16 feet of water in the house and it was mind boggling," Wilson said.

Wilson thought the flood waters would rip his home from its foundation.

"That's what kept me up at night, so many nights," Wilson said.

"When we finally got back to Charleston thinking about it, you know, is my house going to be halfway to Georgetown when all of this is said and done?"

Cleversey says he was able to rebuild his home thanks to some insurance money and help from other people. He moved back in about a month-and-a-half ago.

"It was an experience, the whole thing, this whole year has been a fun one, I'll tell you what," Cleversey said.

Wilson also is getting help and hopes to be back in his house by Thanksgiving.

And remember those cats that were stuck on Cleversey's roof? He says all of them survived.

"I was surprised," he said.

Starting Saturday, the faith-based organization Eight Days of Hope will use thousands of volunteers to rebuild homes in Georgetown and Williamsburg Counties that were damaged from the flood.

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