Chairman: SIB Board likely to withdraw from I-526 extension project

Chairman: SIB Board likely to withdraw from I-526 extension project
Source: Live 5

CHARLESTON COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - The chairman of the South Carolina State Infrastructure Bank Board says the board will likely kill the board's part in the I-526 extension project.

In a 27-page letter, SIB Board Chairman Vincent Graham responded to Charleston County's plan for extending I-526 onto James and Johns Island from West Ashley.

Graham said if a plan is not approved by Charleston County Council, the South Carolina Department of Transportation and the bank by the date of its next board meeting, which is Thursday, the board "will consider implementing a plan it determines is appropriate to end its participation in the project."

"It now appears impossible for the project to be completed," Vincent wrote.

In the letter, Graham said he is willing to meet with Charleston Mayor John Tecklenburg and Charleston County Council Chairman Elliott Summey Monday or Tuesday to discuss the situation, and the mayor took him up on the offer Monday.

"The mayor met with him earlier today and we are planning to attend this Thursday's meeting to continue that conversation and as you know the mayor is very supportive of the Mark Clark extension project and so we'll be moving forward in that fashion and we look forward to Thursday's meeting,"  Mayor Tecklenburg's Senior Adviser Josh Martin said.

When it comes the possible end to the project, one Charleston woman said it's all on those who didn't see the project through.

"When you just sit back and, as most people would say, procrastinate or try to you know negotiate or not try to get things done then you put yourself in a situation where everything just falls to pieces. Which is a waste of time and a waste of money that has already been started into this," Bernice Caper said.

"You need to move fast you need to stay focused on it. And that's everybody that's involved. Go do what you have to do to make things work. If you're going to make things for the better of the community or better the area, then don't let something like this slip through your fingers because you sat back and chose not to do what needed to be done to get it accomplished," Caper said.

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