Man in custody after standoff in Moncks Corner

VIDEO: Man in custody after stand-off in Moncks Corner

MONCKS CORNER, SC (WCSC) - Officers say a man is in custody after a standoff at the Hidden Cove Apartments Tuesday morning.

Moncks Corner police chief Rick Ollic says a man locked himself in his apartment after a domestic argument escaluted, around 8 a.m.

Ollic said the man threatened to kill himself.

When officers started communicating, the man threated to shoot officers with the rifle in his hand.

"We resolved the issue and negotiated for approximately three hours," Chief Ollic said.

Ollic said the the situation stemmed from a domestic dispute.

"At first, the wife and small child were in the residence," Ollic said. "A neighbor called in the dispute. The wife left and we put the child on the school bus."

Neighbors say there was a lot of commotion Tuesday morning and they spoke volumes about law enforcement's response.

"They all knew what they were doing," Chuck Shealy said. "It was professionally done. I just can't say enough about the job that they did."

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