State and County officials: Leave now

VIDEO: State and County officials: Leave now
(Source: WIS)
(Source: WIS)

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - State and county officials implored residents to leave the Lowcountry once more Friday afternoon.

More than 800 people have taken refuge at Charleston County shelters as Hurricane Matthew marches up the U.S. coast, Emergency Management Director Cathy Haynes said at a 10:30 a.m. news conference. Hanes says they have room for more.

At an 11 a.m. news conference, Governor Haley said Friday would be last day she would be seen until the storm passes the coast. Haley implored residents of Hilton Head Island, Daniel Island, Edisto Island and Daufuskie Island to evacuate.


State evacuation efforts to get an estimated 1.1 million people off the coast has gone well, according to Haley, but at last check, only 310,000 people had evacuated ahead of the storm.

"If you are watching this on TV, you've been ordered to evacuate," Berkeley County Public Information officer Michael Mule said. "Turn off the TV, pack your bags and go." Mule said that particularly holds true for residents in southern Berkeley County, Daniel Island and along the Clements Ferry Road corridor. If you need a ride to a shelter in Berkeley County, Tri-County Link at 843-899-4096 will continue to pick you up until it becomes unsafe to do so, he said.

Tri-County Link is also available in Dorchester County. Bus stop pick-ups in Charleston County concluded at noon Friday.

Emergency officials say they are patrolling areas of the Lowcountry, in some areas going door to door, telling people to evacuate.

Further urging people to leave, officials say there may come a time when the weather will be so bad, they won't be able to respond to some 911 calls.

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