Hurricane Matthew hits McClellanville 27 years after Hugo

Hurricane Matthew hits McClellanville 27 years after Hugo
Source: Live 5

MCCLELLANVILLE, SC (WCSC) - Hurricane Matthew made landfall Saturday morning in the town of McClellanville, 27 years after Hugo slammed into the fishing village.

However, Matthew didn't leave a path of destruction like Hugo. Ted Dawson was here for both storms.

"Deja vu, but I said it can't be as bad as Hugo," Dawson said.

He was right.

Matthew took down some trees and flooded some streets. The storm also bent the McClellanville historical marker.

Mayor Rutledge Leland says it seems like McClellanville is a magnet for hurricanes.

"It's starting to look that way. It seems like they like us," Leland said.

Leland also was around for Hugo.

He says there's no comparison between the two hurricanes.

"Hugo was just devastation for everybody. It changed our lives for years. It's probably still changing our lives," Leland said.

Dawson also says Matthew wasn't as bad as Hugo.

"It lasted longer, it was slow moving. Hugo seemed to come and go more quickly but we had a terrible surge in Hugo," Dawson said.

Mathew knocked down a tree on the mayor's property.

He's glad this hurricane didn't destroy the town.

"This is something that will be over in a few days. Everybody will get back to business," Leland said."

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