CCSD expected to resume normal school operations Tuesday

CCSD expected to resume normal school operations Tuesday
A teacher's certificate was revoked after police received a tip of an inappropriate relationship. (Source: AP)

CHARLESTON COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - Officials with the Charleston County School District have been working around the clock to make sure schools and facilities throughout the district were secured before the storm, monitored during the storm, and if needed, repaired after the storm.

After a thorough inspection of Charleston County School District facilities conducted on Sunday, they expect to resume normal school operations on Tuesday, according to CCSD.

CCSD plans to issue an update by 4 p.m. Monday if there are any schools that may not be able to reopen.

Messages regarding employee responsibilities for Monday have been sent to CCSD email addresses.

All schools that were used as shelters will be professionally cleaned and disinfected before teachers and students return.

By law and State Board Policy, schools are required to make up a certain number of missed school days.

Make-up days for missed school due to Hurricane Matthew will be determined at a later date.

If certain school sites cannot reopen for any reason, parents of students at those sites will be contacted as soon as possible regarding alternate arrangements.

Transportation staff will review the most updated list of road closures to insure child safety.

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