TRAFFIC ALERT: Treat malfunctioning traffic signals as 4-way stop sign

VIDEO: Know the law with malfunctioning traffic signals

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - With widespread power outages across the Lowcountry, motorists are likely to encounter traffic signals that are malfunctioning or not working at all.

The South Carolina Department of Transportation says motorists who encounter an intersection in which traffic signals are flashing red for one street and yellow for the perpendicular street, those with the yellow light should proceed with caution and those with the red light should stop until their path is clear.

Motorists who encounter an intersection with a traffic signal that is not working should operate as if the intersection had a four-way stop sign. That means motorists should stop at the traffic light and then proceed in the order of which vehicle came to a stop first.

Make sure everyone else is stopped before entering the intersection.

Motorists have reported that some drivers are not obeying this law and proceeding straight through dark traffic signals without stopping at all. Be safe and assume the other drivers may not obey the law: don't proceed into an intersection until you know the other drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians have stopped.

If you have questions about road closures in your area, contact the SCDOT at (855) 467-2368.

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