SC OSHA providing assistance as state recovers from hurricane

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - SC OSHA employees will be in areas affected by Hurricane Matthew to provide assistance with safety practices and to hand out safety supplies, free of charge, to emergency workers, employers, employees and the public to help them be safer as they recover from the impact of the hurricane.

"SC OSHA is in compliance intervention mode right now for those affected by Hurricane Matthew, providing assistance to everyone including those who are helping South Carolinians clean up and rebuild," SC OSHA Administrator Dottie Ison said.

SC OSHA employees are traveling around different affected areas of the state observing cleanup efforts. As they see potentially dangerous situations or people working without necessary safety supplies, they are stopping to educate the individuals and give them the safety supplies.

Anyone in need of safety assistance, advice, or supplies can call the SC OSHA office at (803) 896-7665.  A staff member can provide information on safety procedures including the location of specific educational materials.  Available supplies include: hearing protection, safety glasses, gloves, dust masks and reflective vests.

A range of safety and health hazards exist following storms. Cleanup work can involve many hazards related to: debris cleanup; tree trimming; working near power lines; structural, roadway and bridge repair; hazardous waste operations; and emergency response activities.  The hazards can be minimized with knowledge, safe work practices and personal protective equipment.
SC OSHA offers the following tips for those involved in recovery:
-Evaluate the work area for hazards.
-Employ engineering or work practice controls to mitigate hazards.
-Use personal protective equipment.
-Assume all power lines are live.
-Use portable generators, saws, ladders, vehicles and other equipment properly.
-Heed safety precautions for traffic work zones
If you have questions about SC OSHA standards, call (803) 896-7661.

Information provided by SC OSHA.