The Salvation Army helps families on Johns Island without power

VIDEO: The Salvation Army helps families on Johns Island without power

JOHNS ISLAND, SC (WCSC) - Flooded streets, no power, limited food items are just some of what people are dealing with on Johns Island.

Johns Island resident Reynaldo Acosta has been using his safety lights to guide him in the dark and today he rode his electrical chair to the store for ice.

"I had no power so no refrigeration and my freezer frozen foods are starting to thaw out," Acosta said.

He had to cross a flooded Main Road to do it. He says he went on top of the hill as carefully as he could, the part of the road that's not as flooded as the sides.

The convenient store gas station at the corner is where he ran into Corps Officer Lt. Karl Bush with The Salvation Army crew from Winston Salem, North Carolina. He was also joined by others from different areas.

"He came up to the truck earlier and asked what services we provided and was extremely grateful to find out that we were serving dinner," Bush said.

Acosta said he told him about their situation.

"He said he would be here," Acosta said.

The Salvation Army came. They were there for them and others too. They also brought ice to families needing to keep insulin cool. It's used to control blood sugar in people with diabetes.

"So we made a very quick decision to run and grab a few bags of ice and luckily the closest convenient store had just received a new shipment," Bush said.

Johns Island resident Evan Stevens is a student from Michigan. This was his first hurricane experience and he's also without power.

"It's difficult because I have school tomorrow, I'm a college student and I need to prepare for my studies, I need the fridge to eat," Stevens said.

He's also been worried about driving around.

"I actually didn't know the Salvation Army was coming out here, so I got lucky," Stevens said. "My car is low and when I hit the roads, I may have flood."

This community is thankful for the delivered meal.

"I was excited, I didn't know it was going to happen but just by happen stance that the truck was there and I was able to flag it down," Acosta said.

Bush says he got involved with The Salvation Army, that's also a church, after he was homeless about nine years ago and they helped him.

"I went to the Salvation Army they paid the first month rent to move into an apartment," Bush said. "I started going to the church and fell in love with what the Army was doing and a few months later I knew that God had called me to do the same thing."

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