Dorchester Co. sees severe flooding for second year in a row

SUMMERVILLE, SC (WCSC) - Parts of Dorchester County were under a code red alert for rising flood waters in Ashborough, along the Edisto River and those who live in the vicinity of Four Hole Swamp.

The rest of Dorchester County is also under a flood warning until Wednesday afternoon at 12:30.

Tuesday night residents in the Ashborough neighborhood are seeing devastating flooding for the second year in a row.

"It's just devastating that one year later we're having to go through the same thing that last year and we're scared for the people that're flooding now that they're going to lose their contents sheet rock, their garages, their contents. The stress level – it's just really sad what is happening," LeeAnn Newton said.

Cars were lining the street Tuesday night in the neighborhood, they said the water was too deep for their cars so they had to find other ways to try and make it home.

"The water itself is above the doors on the vehicle so I can't drive through it so I have to walk through it."

Neighbors said most people were having to walk home, kayak or canoe to get there.

And for some, they had just gotten repairs done after the same situation a year ago.

"My husband faced the same issue a year ago he's a gardener master gardener. He spent the last year replacing plants, bringing them back to just see this happen again. I don't know if he's going to be willing to do it again. And this is his passion so it's been real hard. It will dry out it's things that's fine but how many times are you going to be willing to invest your heart," Pat Mysock said.

She also said this could decrease her home value.

"Unforutunately since this is the third time this has happened in a year we are going to face some issues with selling and tell prospective buyers what's going on," Mysock said.

Tuesday night there was also severe flooding along the Ashley River in Summerville.

"Compared to this it's much less lower but last year came all the way up to the garage but not in the house. So that's compared to this up to the house you're talking another 50 yards in," Jeff Griffin said. He also said that flooding is the worst he's seen out of Hurricane Mathew.

"Flooding could be worse because it can come inside your house and destroy your house. I can deal without the power but I just don't want the house to be destroyed by flooding and other stuff."