Flood warning continues for Edisto River

VIDEO: Flood warning continues for Edisto River

COLLETON COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - It is the storm that just will not go away. As most areas continue to get back to normal, some inland residents are still evacuating after Hurricane Matthew.

The Edisto River continues to rise as water flows down from other areas, putting homes and buildings at risk for more flooding. Friday morning, meteorologists were reporting the river is more than 14 feet above where it should be. A flood warning starts at ten feet above normal levels.

"We're getting all the water that's coming down from Orangeburg, north and south of the Edisto River where they join up and now all this water is draining back into here," Edisto resident Bryan Adkins said. "Plus, we're getting everything that has fallen around here."

Colleton County residents living near the river say flooding is expected after heavy rainfall.

"You know, I love living down here. I like being along the river, it's just been a really bad year for us," Adkins said. The boat ramp in Adkins neighborhood is under eight feet of water. "It's just been a real pain for everybody."

"If a storm comes you're wondering if the river is going to come up," Edisto resident Mary Hiren said.

Residents hope they can start repairing damages soon.

"As long as we don't get any rain or anything, we'll probably be at least another week before people can get in here and start cleaning up," Adkins said.

"It's going to take a while, it will. I think there's still some recouping from the last flood," Hiren said.

Residents can apply for a FEMA grant for any damage sustained during the storm. For more information and forms, click the Live5 homepage and look under the red box.

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