Halloween Costumes that pay tribute to 2016's Craziness

Halloween Costumes that pay tribute to 2016's Craziness

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - If you think 2016 was the most ridiculous year ever, but still want to be a part of the hype, here are five Halloween costumes you or your friends can wear to help 2016 make a lasting impression.

1. Ken Bone
A.k.a, the winner of the 2016 Presidential Debate, who was the beacon of light at the last Presidential Debate. Don't believe what the internet says, his infamous red sweater is not sold out. You can easily find one at a local consignment shop or ask your aunt for her oversized red sweater from the 80s.

2. President/Presidential Candidates: Trump, Clinton, Obama
2016 was quite the year for politics. That's all I'm going to say.

3. Couples Costume Category: Suicide Squad's Harley Quinn & The Joker and #Brangelina
Harley Quinn & The Joker is the box office's hottest couple this year. Who doesn't love the opportunity to dress up like classic comic book characters? Sadly, #Brangelina's term as the "it couple" is over. There may be a silver lining for the couple: fans might still dress up as the Hollywood couple, hoping it will bring them back together.

4. Group Costume: Pokemon/Pokemon Go
Millennials and Comicon nerds rejoiced when they finally had the chance to "Catch 'Em All!" There's no doubt that there will be a Poke master and his or her pocket monsters hanging around them during Halloween. Just make sure your Poke Ball doesn't hit someone too hard.

5. Pumpkin Spice
Calling all my single (basic) ladies: this one is for you! For once, orange skin is acceptable. Visit your local tanning bed for the best, brightest orange hue.

There you have it! Those costumes will definitely help you pay tribute to 2016's craziness. 

Honorable Mentions: Any of the Snapchat Filters - rainbow vomit anyone? Lastly, Harambe #RIP. You can even go as "Sexy Harambe"...

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