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DNR officers rescue pets trapped by Matthew's flood waters

Source: SCDNR Source: SCDNR
Source: SCDNR Source: SCDNR
Source: SCDNR Source: SCDNR

As rescue teams worked to get families evacuated because of flooding from Hurricane Matthew, many of those families were separated from their pets.

That’s when the Department of Natural Resources and animal control officers went to work.

Heart-warming images of dogs and cats being pulled from the water surfaced.

The animal rescues weren’t limited to dogs and cats. There were horses, a calf, pigs, even goats rescued from rising waters in Marion and Horry counties.

Officers with the Department of Natural Resources rescued pets, scared and exhausted, trapped inside homes. One officer says he helped save the animals for the joy it would bring to their owners, but can’t help but think the pets were grateful, too.

“They came to the window. They were barking. They were probably neck-deep in water," SCDNR Officer Andre Thompson said. "The water was at least two feet into the house so it was close to the neck and the closer we got, they raised their paws up to the window and you could see them through the window barking…I guess in a way that animals can be thankful, they were happy to see us.”

Rescues are over and officers are working toward security, keeping a watch over peoples’ property before neighbors begin returning home.

But the shelter in Marion County did take in 188 pets. 

Some of those pets have been spoken for, while some owners who have been living in shelters have been able to come visit their pets. But the animal shelter’s staff say there are still so many pets unspoken for.

They’re going to give owners until Nov. 15 to speak for these pets.

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