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47 burglaries reported in Beaufort County during Hurricane Matthew

(Source: WTOC) (Source: WTOC)

The Beaufort County Sheriff's Office is looking for the people they say are responsible for breaking into several homes and stealing thousands of dollars worth of possessions.

There were 47 break-ins reported in the county, and 11 of them were on Hilton Head Island. 

The Muddy Creek neighborhood on Little Garden Path was one area that has been hit particularly hard. It pretty much accounts for most of the burglaries on the island. In fact, at least nine of the burglaries on Hilton Head took place within this community.

For the most part, the reports all read about the same. The burglars kicked in the doors of the homes, going in and grabbing what they could. In some instances, they even broke windows and broke into vehicles to steal personal property.

One resident said he probably lost about $2,000-worth of items, including flat screen TVs, and smartphone tablets. Another resident said he knew his home had been broken into before he returned from evacuating, because his brother spotted his door flapping off the hinges during the storm. 

All the victims were gone for at least a week, and their homes did not sustain any storm damage, which is why the sheriff's office thinks they were easy targets for the crooks because their homes were easily accessible and free of debris. 

Another hard hit area was St. Helena Island. There were a reported nine burglaries there in a six-day span. 

Right now, law enforcement is asking everyone to be vigilant. There will probably be severalTVss, video game systems, and other electronics hitting the market for sale. 

Anyone with information, as always, is urged to call police immediately. 

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