WANTED: Man caught on video attempting to set fire to Lowcountry home, car

WANTED: Man caught on video attempting to set fire to Lowcountry home, car
Canady (Source: CCSO)
Canady (Source: CCSO)
Canady (Source: CCSO)
Canady (Source: CCSO)

COLLETON COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - Lowcountry investigators are searching for a man who they say was caught on camera throwing bottles full of fuel, attempting to set fire to a home and car.

The Colleton County Sheriff's Office is searching for 28-year-old Kerry Michael Canady of Walterboro.

Authorities say he's known to drive a 2014 grey Ford F-150 crew cab with SC tags JZS-944.

On Oct. 4, deputies responded to a home on Barracada Road in Walterboro for an initial report of someone shooting fireworks at a home, and found that a subject attempted to set fire to a residence.

According to CCSO officials, the victim was unaware of the fires until a neighbor had alerted him.

The neighbor reported first seeing a silver Toyota truck drive by his house with the lights off then pull off the side of the road on Live Oak Street near Barracada Road.

The witness then saw what looked like fireballs in the air at the victim's home. When the neighbor approached the vehicle, he saw someone run back to the vehicle and speed off.

The neighbor told authorities he then went to check on the victim and saw a fire burning in the roadway at the driveway to the victim's home.

The witness put out the fire and told the victim what he saw.

Deputies reported finding two burnt spots in the victim's driveway, another in the front yard and a fourth near the side deck of the home.

A report states there were several broken beer bottles in the driveway and beside the deck. Black electrical tape was also found near one of the broken bottles.

Security video showed a male subject walking in the roadway at 10:11 p.m. using a flashlight outside the victim's home. The subject is then seen lighting something on fire and throwing it towards the vehicle in the driveway.

The subject is seen throwing two more bottles, one in the front yard and another in the roadway.

"When the items would hit, flames would spread like the items possibly contained some sort of fuel," a report states.

The subject then runs away.

The victim said his son had recently been assaulted in Walterboro and the suspect had been arrested earlier in the day by police.

According to the victim, he and his family were at the bond hearing for the assault suspect and were threatened by the suspect and Canady.

The victim said the assault suspect had been released on the stipulation that he and his friends were to stay away from the victim's son and family.

The victim told investigators that he was sure that the fire was done by the assault suspect or his friends because of an earlier arrest.

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