Hundreds celebrate the life of Modie Risher, Sr.

Hundreds celebrate the life of Modie Risher, Sr.
(Source: CCSD)

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Sunday night hundreds attended a memorial service to celebrate Modie Risher, Sr.'s life.

Risher was an educator and coach at Burke High School for more than three decades.

Former students, athletes, colleagues, and classmates filled a Burke auditorium to talk about the legacy he will leave and what he will be remembered for.

"It just says that how much they love him and how much they love what he did for this community. How much he did for them, their families, and their children and you know those children of yesteryear," former student Earl Brown said.

To celebrate his life, Brown also donated a check to start a scholarship in his honor.

"He was a mentor. Not only on the field but in the classroom and our community."

"His ability to mold and make young men and young ladies because you know he taught both. And being a father figure and one who was as stern as he was but as I said he was honest and he was genuine. There were no questions about what he said," Brown said.

"When you talk about Charleston legacy his name will be up there with all the great citizens of the city of Charleston," Arthur Lawrence said.

Lawrence said he had a father-son relationship with the coach, and that he would continue to make sure students continue to get a great education at Burke High School.

The funeral for Risher, Sr. will be Monday morning at the Morris Brown African Methodist Episcopal Church.

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