Questions raised over Edisto Beach hurricane re-entry

Questions raised over Edisto Beach hurricane re-entry

EDISTO BEACH, SC (WCSC) - Cleanup continues on Edisto Beach as do questions over post-hurricane procedure. Some residents used Monday's rescheduled town council meeting to raise questions over future handling of emergencies.

"There needs to be a better policy established as to when, how, who. and what you have to show to get on the beach," resident Bruce Shaw said.

Edisto Beach officials ordered an evacuation before Hurricane Matthew hit, then operated a checkpoint run by the National Guard for days following the storm. Locals could only come back on the beach once their streets were cleared safe. Some residents are asking officials for an alternative.

'We left with plans to return to help Edisto the next day, of course we sat in line, we kept calling and texting and were not allowed on the beach at all the next day," resident Jeanine Rhodes said. "I've had several residents say they needed medication for their husbands and had to go to Georgia to get it."

Some suggested the town use re-entry cards to give permanent residents access to their homes more quickly.

"I would like council to consider looking at admission cards or some other way to get people back more quickly," Tommy Mann said. "There are other places that have identification cards that allow residents back in. People could've reduced their losses."

Not everyone shared frustrations over the checkpoint. Many applauded the efforts of Edisto Beach officials--

"The way they handled themselves on the safety issue, I thought was phenomenal," Kyle Taylor said. "We saw daily what was being done and why they were doing it. It was much a relief."

According to the town's administrator, Edisto Beach only has 35 town employees. Officials said given the team's size, they were pleased to get some residents back to the beach within three days of the storm.

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