Mother of girl killed by accused drunk driver hopes tragedy acts as warning

VIDEO: Mother of girl killed by accused drunk driver hopes tragedy acts as warning
Source: Live 5 News
Source: Live 5 News

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - "It's just sad for any mother to have to go through something like this," Tenisha Gibbs said.

Gibbs is the mother of the young girl killed in a suspected drunk driving accident Saturday night.

Now she is asking people who drive drunk to take this tragedy as a warning.

"To all the drunk drivers, this should be a wake-up call for everybody who likes to drink and drive. This should be a wake-up call to take a 9-year-old's life, that is sad," Tenisha Gibbs said.

She said the man who took the life of her daughter shouldn't have been getting behind the wheel if he was under the influence.

"Him taking my daughter at the age of nine, being drunk and getting inside a truck under the influence when he knew what he been capable of is very hurtful," Gibbs said.

Gibbs has another daughter, 12, in the hospital who was also in the car.

"My oldest daughter, I just had to tell her what happened to her sister. That was very sad for a 12-year-old to hear her 9-year-old sister was killed in a car accident, and she survived, that's sad," Gibbs said.

The girls were in the car with their grandmother when their car was hit by Dale E. Yarborough who has since been charged with felony death with DUI, reckless homicide and three counts of felony DUI with bodily injury.

Gibbs said she found out about the accident after receiving a phone call.

"Immediately my nerves were just so bad I couldn't even stand up. Riding across the bridge to get downtown and to see a car just break in half like somebody taken a saw and just slicing it in half. The first thought come to my mind is whoever was inside that car ain't no way they survived that accident," Gibbs said.

The girl's grandmother is still in ICU, and Gibbs said she is not sure when both she and her daughter will be out of the hospital.

She said since the accident she feels like she's in a "dream."

"He just don't know how much he messed me up. He just don't know. I can't even cry no more. I can't cry no more. I am very hurt. My chest and heart is hurting right now."

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