Neighbors speak on murder of 5-year-old Allison Griffor five years later

VIDEO: Neighbors speak on murder of 5-year-old Allison Giffor five years later

WEST ASHLEY, SC (WCSC) - Tuesday marks five years since 5-year-old Allison Griffor was murdered in her West Ashley home. Investigators believe the shooter targeted the wrong house.

Neighbors near Pierpont Avenue where the shooting happened talked about the unsolved case.

Debra Lancaster lives down the street from the home.

"I couldn't imagine the horror that that must have been for that family," Lancaster said. "None of us knew that family, none of us knew that child, but it affected all of us very deeply that it happened so close."

Debra Lancaster has lived in the area for 10 years and the murder of Allison is something that's very fresh in their community five years later. She saw Allison and her father in the front yard the day before it happened.

"His head was down and he was looking at his little girl playing in the dirt beneath his feet and it something I'll never forget," she said.

The family moved to Michigan after the incident.

Authorities say Allison was sleeping in her bed when her parents heard someone kicking at their door around one in the morning. Charleston County Deputies say her dad walked to the door, the suspect opened fire and the bullet hit Allison in her head. Authorities say she died at the hospital a few days later.

Brittan Gotbeter lived in the neighborhood at the time of the shooting.

"Even five years later just to think that just one street over, we were laying in our beds that night and our children woke up the next morning and Allison didn't," Gotbeter said.

Gotbeter talked to Allison's mom Jennifer on Tuesday over the phone.

"They try not to focus so much on the sadness of it, but to celebrate her life and do something fun with the other children," Gotbeter said.

Allison would have been 10 year's old and the family has a message for the world.

"She said justice to us means that we are praying for those folks that made that bad choice that night," Gotbeter said.  "Justice for us means that they have found God and they have found peace in their life and we are praying for them she said that's justice what they're doing tonight they are praying."

Jennifer Griffor, Allison's mother provided a statement saying in part:

"We are asking higher justice in our daughter's case.
We need your help by praying for these sinners. Praying for the men who took our daughter's life.These invaders did not come into just anyones life but they came to the home of a Christian. A Christian who has the spirit of God to hold them and and speak wisdom and love through them. A Christian who is able to see past them and their actions to the source....With God's strength they can be released from sin."

Last year Charleston County Sheriff Al Cannon identified four men suspected in Allison's death. Authorities identified them as Franklin Glover, Levell Grant, Shyrome Johnson and Philip Moses. At the time none of them were charged with her death because of "insufficient evidence."

The Charleston County Sheriff's Office provided a statement that says in part:

"Although no arrests have been made in this case, we do believe those who are responsible for committing this evil act are currently serving time in prison on unrelated criminal charges. Based on the information developed throughout this investigation, we continue to believe Allison Griffor and her family were not the intended targets."

The case remains open and authorities ask anyone with information regarding this case to call Crimestoppers at 843.554.1111 or the Charleston County Sheriff's Office at 843.202.1700. You can also leave an anonymous crime tip on the website at

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