CSU on alert after report of woman approached by man with clown mask, knife

CSU on alert after report of woman approached by man with clown mask, knife

NORTH CHARLESTON (WCSC) - Charleston Southern University is on the alert after a student said someone wearing an evil clown mask approached her with a knife at the Atlantic Palms Apartments on University Boulevard Tuesday night.

According to an incident report from the North Charleston Police Department, the 22-year-old was walking her dog around 9:30 p.m. when she saw someone wearing dark clothing and a hood over his or her head in the distance.

The figure was about 50 feet away when he or she turned and revealed a clown mask, according to the report.

The person presented a knife and started heading toward the victim, the report states.

The victim told officers she "fled in terror",  and went to a friend's apartment and called the authorities.

North Charleston police officers canvassed the area, but could not find a clown, according to the report.

"Kind of shocked, I can't believe it's happened around here," CSU student Megan Ziegler said Wednesday.

"That was pretty crazy, never think it would happen so close to home," CSU student Alexandra Brock said.

School officials say they are taking the incident very seriously.

"Of course we do," CSU spokesman John Strubel said. "Obviously this incident is nothing to take lightly. It's something we've seen kind of going on in a very strange way across this country."

After the incident was reported, students at nearby Charleston Southern University received an alert advising them to be extra cautious.

The full alert is below:

Please be extra vigilant in the area of Atlantic Palms Apartments. Tonight, one of our students was walking her dog and a person wearing a dark hoodie and a clown mask, armed with a knife, came towards her in a threatening manner. She was able to run to an apartment to escape the person who chased her. Please report any suspicious person to the North Charleston Police Department and walk with a friend if possible.

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