Halloween Safety Tips from the Charleston Police Department

The evening of candy and costumes is right around the corner! Charleston Police wants everyone in the Lowcountry to have a safe and fun Halloween. Below are some Halloween Safety tips from the police department for both trick-or-treaters, parents and more.

* Trick-or-Treating should done at reasonable hours, but must stop at 10pm (City Ordinance)

* No one over 16 may wear a mask in public, and even that is ONLY allowed for actual Trick-or-Treat activities. If attending a late night or costume party, people must wait until they arrive to put on any masks.


- Carry a flashlight with you for visibility.
Always stay in a group with an adult!
- Never enter a stranger’s house or car for a treat!
- Always walk on the sidewalk. If there is no sidewalk, walk on the grass away from the street.
- Don't criss-cross the street. Go to all the houses on one side of the street, then cross and go back. 

- Look both ways before crossing the street and if you are wearing a mask take it off.
- Wait until an adult can check your candy before you eat any of it.
- Only accept treats from neighbors or friends you know!


- Plan costumes that are bright and reflective! Consider adding more reflective tape to costumes and trick-or-treat bags.
- Always carry flashlights.
- Masks can limit or block eyesight, consider makeup or cut the mask eyeholes bigger so they can see. Remind children to remove their masks to cross  the street!
-  We recommend that children do not use props like guns, knives, or swords. However, if they are used, make sure they don’t look too real!
- Clear hazards from your property. Remove obstacles such as flower pots and garden hoses, so children won’t trip on them rushing from house to house.
- Remind your children not to eat the candy until an adult has checked their treats!
- Your child’s school may be having a Halloween party. Call the School and ask.
- For older children, Please explain to children the difference between tricks and vandalism.


- Place a “NO MASKS” sign on your business door in case a person forgets

- Heighten your awareness and be cautious of purchases that may have the potential to cause personal injury or property damage – such as paint ball guns or large quantities of eggs.
- Drive slowly and cautiously through your neighborhoods. Remember children may not look before crossing the street.

Please report any suspicious activity immediately (743-7200).

As always in an emergency call 911.

Have a Safe and Happy Halloween!