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Freddie the Cat saves his family of five from house fire

Freddie (Source: Family) Freddie (Source: Family)
(Source: WTOL) (Source: WTOL)

A family of five is spending the night in a hotel after an early morning fire Thursday in their home.

Fire crews worked tirelessly to secure the scene in Millbury. No one was injured in the fire all thanks to the family cat, Freddie.

Freddie used to be just an animal in the Brown’s home, but now he is being called a hero. While he normally enjoys climbing the family's counters, Thursday he woke the family up from a fire that could have taken more than just their garage.

“I don’t think we’ll be yelling at him for getting on counters anymore,” explained Alexandra Brown, Freddie's owner.

In June, Alexandra brought home a rescue kitten who was found in Bowling Green covered in oil. After some begging, her family kept the cat and named him Freddie in honor of the Bowling Green State University mascot.

Today they are even more grateful they let Freddie stay.

"It's kind of funny we saved him now he gets to save us," said Alexandra.

Early Thursday morning Freddie woke up Mr. Brown who quickly realized their garage and backroom was on fire.

"My dad went to get a pop like he usually does in the backroom where he keeps it and there was a popping noise and lots of smoke,” explained Alexandra. “He knew right away that it was a fire and we had to get out."

Most of the damage stayed outside their house, but their electricity and heat have been cut from the home displacing the family. The fire is still under investigation, but despite the Brown's loss they are keeping it "paw-sitive."

"I think everyone just loves Freddie even more now,” Brown said. “We've always loved him, but he's always been very silly. He's great, I think we're all just very happy that everyone made it out safe."

The Brown family is currently staying in a hotel covered by their insurance company until they can enter their home again. They also received aid from the Red Cross and their community after the fire and hope to be able to get back into their home within the next few weeks.

As for Freddie, the Brown’s say he will get a few more treats along with some extra play time in the future.

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