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UPDATE: Aiken County Sheriff's Office says man who killed attempted armed robber acted in self-defense

Circle K on Edgefield Hwy; Source: WFXG Circle K on Edgefield Hwy; Source: WFXG

A would-be robbery turned deadly after deputies say a citizen acted in self-defense. When the would-be robber tried to kidnap and shoot the citizen, the citizen had his own gun and shot back. The Aiken County Sheriff's Office says the victim acted in self-defense and they will be standing by him after an obviously very tense  situation.

The incident happened at around 6:20 a.m. Thursday morning. The victim was reportedly pumping gas at the Circle K on Edgefield Highway when a man approached them, demanded money and tried to force them into the vehicle.

Business is back to normal at the Shell and Subway station on Edgefield Highway after an attempted armed robbery this morning turned deadly.

Capt. Eric Abdullah with the Sheriff's Office says, "Our citizen, or our caller, was getting ready to put fuel in his vehicle when he was approached from behind by the suspect who was brandishing a firearm and demanding money."

The Aiken County Sheriff's Office says Steven Klimek of Batesburg was the would-be robber. Deputies say when Klimek tried to abduct the citizen, it ended in his life being taken. "He also demanded that the victim get inside the vehicle, at which time an altercation ensued, the suspects weapon was discharged and the victim was able to reach inside his own vehicle and produce his own weapon, where he shot the suspect."

It's a textbook case of self-defense according to the sheriff's office and they fully support the citizen for remaining vigilant.

"Everything appears this is a self-defense situation. The sheriff and us at this agency stand behind this citizen who had to take action and defend himself from becoming a victim."

In this case, the citizen using force was a necessity, but the sheriff's office says it's only a last resort type of a situation. "We try to encourage citizens to not take matters into their own hands, but when it comes down to where they have to and the investigation leads to where they had to, then of course we are standing behind them."

Now the sheriff's office and second solicitors office are still investigating this morning's shooting.

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