Live 5 Investigates Update: Former attorney charged with Breach of Trust

VIDEO: Former attorney charged with Breach of Trust

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - A former Charleston attorney accused of misusing hundreds of thousands of dollars from his clients was in court Wednesday for a bond hearing related to one of the cases.
Live 5 Investigates first shared this story last month.

 Charleston Police arrested Brian Nathan Davis Wednesday. Davis is charged with Breach of Trust with intent to commit fraud.

 The victims in this case are William and Maryjohn Palmer. They live on Johns Island and are facing foreclosure on their home because, they say, Davis stole their mortgage payoff of more than $100,000.
The situation first happened more than three years ago after the Palmers hired Davis for their closing while refinancing their home. 

The Palmer's case is listed in disbarment papers from the state of South Carolina Supreme Court.

The paperwork also says Davis was involved with similar situations with more than 30 clients.
In court Wednesday afternoon, Davis' attorney said his client was staying with family and didn't represent a threat to the public or a flight risk; he asked for a personal recognizance bond, which would mean without having to pay bail.
The Judge instead issued a surety bond for the amount of $100,000.
"It's been an absolute nightmare. In January we're going to trial we're being foreclosed on, we're being forced into bankruptcy, our $100,000 refinance has turned into a $350,000 nightmare for us," William Palmer told the judge as part of his victim impact statement in the bond hearing.

The Palmers said they aren't happy Davis is sitting in jail.

"It's an unnatural feeling for us to feel joy at someone else's expense," William explained. "We just felt like it was our duty to press charges against this guy. Maybe something positive can come of this for us and for him."
"We just need this to be over with," said Maryjohn. "We need to be able to start the next chapter of our lives."
Davi's $100,000 surety bond means he'll have to pay money or pledge collateral to get out of jail.

His family was also in court today, but they did not want to comment.

The Palmers are scheduled to be in foreclosure court in January.

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