Donald Trump protest spreads to downtown Charleston

Donald Trump protest spreads to downtown Charleston
Source: WCSC
Source: WCSC

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Protests against President-elect Donald Trump continue across the country.

On Saturday afternoon, about 100 protesters joined in downtown Charleston for a rally near Marion Square.

The group shouted "Not our President," "Love Trumps Hate," and "Stronger Together" among other chants.

Rachel Kalles is a student at the University of South Carolina. She was visiting friends in Charleston and decided to join in. She said there have also been protests at the statehouse.

"We are going to fight for change for our country in what we believe in," Kalles said.

College of Charleston Student, Grayson Schmitt says he in the fight for legislation that will protect minorities.

"Donald Trump presidency has enabled a lot of hatred in this country," Schmitt said.

Many people are frustrated and concerned about the policies Trump has talked about enforcing regarding immigration, the environment, LGBT rights and various other issues. That's why a freshman at the College of Charleston,  Noah Jones, organized this rally. Most of the people protesting were students.

"I call for dialogue and communication, because only through that can we progress as a nation and become equal and become inclusive," Jones said.

Across the street was Trump supporter, Jared Malvoso. He held a sign that says "Trump Won Get Over It" and "Free Hugs."

"I know people worry, I'm here to say it's alright we are all here together, it's going to be fantastic," Malvoso said. "I'm out giving hugs because a lot of people are stressed out about this election."

Lyndsay Johnson was visiting friends in the Charleston area and passed by the protests.

"They're not even giving Trump a chance," Johnson said. "He's not even president yet."

The protests lasted nearly three hours. For the most part, the group gathered at the corner of Meeting and King Street. They also marched around Marion Square. Some passengers in cars cheered in support while others yelled back in opposition.

Trump supporter Steven Wright was walking near the protests today.

"It's awesome thing to live in a country where we allow to protest, that is a constitutional right," Wright said.  "The interesting thing is the American people have spoken and the real question is what do these protests accomplish."

One thing some people could agree on is the need to come together.

"In the end America is supposed to be united," Johnson said.

Some of the Protesters say they are not trying to find a way to stop Donald Trump from becoming the President. However, they want their voices and concerns to be heard.

"To America, especially Charleston, we gotta come together," Jones said.

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