FBI agent who enhanced Walter Scott shooting video testifies in Slager trial

FBI agent who enhanced Walter Scott shooting video testifies in Slager trial

NORTH CHARLESTON (WCSC) - An FBI agent who testified in the Boston marathon bombing trial took the stand in the Michael Slager murder trial Monday.

Slager is charged with murder in the April 4, 2015, death of 50-year-old Walter Scott, who fled a traffic stop.

The agent enhanced the cell phone video of the shooting. Slager claims he acted in self-defense when he shot and killed Scott in April of last year.

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Defense attorney Andy Savage peppered lead agent Angela Peterson with lots of questions. Peterson couldn't answer some of the questions, saying she could not speak for other agents who would have the answers.

Savage reminded Peterson that the State Law Enforcement Division did not go back to the crime scene until his own investigators found bullets that were missed by SLED agents.

The defense attorney accused Peterson of assuming to have evidence that she couldn't prove existed. Savage also questioned the accuracy of a statement given to SLED by Feiden Santana, the man who shot the cell phone video of the shooting.

"You don't know and you can't tell the jury for their assessment of the credibility of Mr. Santana whether or not he could have even seen as he claimed he saw, correct?" Savage asked.

"I cannot at this time," Peterson said.

"Because there was an assumption made that he could have isn't that correct?" he asked.

"That's not correct," Peterson answered.

Prosecutors are expected to wrap up their case Tuesday.

Defense attacks state witness on drug conviction

Earlier in the day, Judge Clifton Newman ruled an investigator who works for Slager's original attorney, David Aylor, could testify in the trial. Prosecutors wanted to question the investigator, but the defense objected, arguing calling the witness would violate attorney-client privilege.

That witness, Levi Miles, demonstrated in court how he played the role of Scott during an interview at Aylor's office after the shooting. Miles testified after he saw the video of the shooting, that it looked a lot different from Slager's version of the events of the incident.

Miles told the court at no time during the sequence of events directed by Slager was he, while portraying Scott, directed to be on top of Slager, and said he did not recall being directed to punch Slager.

Savage blasted Miles for not having notes or case file about the interviews with Slager. Savage called Miles a pawn with a felony conviction. Miles revealed he has a felony drug conviction.

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