Smoke from Southeastern wildfires comes to the Lowcountry

Pinnacle Mountain Fire. (Source: SC National Guard)
Pinnacle Mountain Fire. (Source: SC National Guard)

CHARLESTON COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - Smoke is expected to linger above South Carolina as crews battle about two dozen wildfires in the Southeast.

Officials with DHEC say large smoke plumes are coming from fires within the southern Appalachian Mountain Region in the Carolinas, Georgia and Eastern Tennessee.

Meterologist Joey Sovine says residents of the Lowcountry should expect hazy skies and may smell smoke. Conditions could improve Thursday with a change in wind direction, but smoke will remain for the foreseeable future, he says.

DHEC recommends individuals with respiratory health issues limit time spent outdoors to avoid the smoke.

"Smoke from these fires can irritate the eyes and respiratory system, as well as aggravate or exacerbate chronic heart and lung diseases," Rhonda Thompson, Chief of the Bureau of Air Quality said.

For additional information about smoke and its health effects, visit DHEC's website here.

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