Railroad work on N.A.D. Road expected to be completed by end of week

Traffic backup on Red Bank Road around noon Wednesday (Source: Live 5)
Traffic backup on Red Bank Road around noon Wednesday (Source: Live 5)
Repair work on the railroad crossing on N.A.D. Road (Source: Live 5)
Repair work on the railroad crossing on N.A.D. Road (Source: Live 5)

GOOSE CREEK, SC (WCSC) - Drivers can expect major traffic delays in Goose Creek and North Charleston until the end of the week due to crews rebuilding a railroad crossing.

A spokeswoman with CSX Corporate Communications said repair work for the railroad crossing on N.A.D. Road is expected for completion by Friday.

The road closure has tested many people's patience this week.

Many drivers have had to sit in traffic for up to two hours each day.

"Chaos, absolute chaos," said Jeffrey Krouse, of Goose Creek. "As you can see traffic is just hideous."

Kristin Seay, with CSX, said crews are rebuilding the railroad crossing on N.A.D. Road which includes tearing out old crossties, installing new ones, and then repaving the crossings to make it a safer and smoother ride over the tracks for drivers.

However, this week has been anything but smooth.

"You can see the same car standing there for five to 12 minutes at the same spot," Krouse said. "I look out the window, and I see them again and they haven't moved."

Krouse lives along Red Bank Road. He said he's never seen traffic this bad in the 30 plus years he's lived in Goose Creek.

"Everybody is notoriously being late for work," he said.

"All I can do is wait," said a driver sitting in traffic around noontime Wednesday. "There's nothing else. The other way is too long, the other way is too long."

"It's frustrating, but I understand the railroad has to be repaired or whatever it is they're doing with it," said Chelsea Einhorn, of Goose Creek. "We just plan ahead and try to leave early and make sure the backroads aren't too clogged up so we can go that way."

According to a Berkeley, Charleston, Dorchester Council of Government traffic count from 2015, N.A.D. Road sees more than 26,000 cars on average per day.

All those drivers are now seeking alternative routes to get to and from work.

Goose Creek Police posted on Facebook Tuesday about what its officers are doing to try and help with the traffic.

Intersections on Red Bank Road at Forest Lawn Avenue and Wisteria Road will operate as a flashing yellow light during rush hour, and someone will manually operate the signal at US 52 and US 176.

"It's just nothing but a traffic jam all day long and all night long," Krouse said.

Goose Creek Police also stated they were "not formally notified of the potential for major traffic congestion in the City limits as a byproduct of railroad maintenance being conducted on N.A.D. Road."

Seay added due to safety precautions, crews have to work during daylight hours, and because of limited resources can't limit the work to weekends.

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