Law enforcement on the lookout for people taking part in 'Drinksgiving'

Law enforcement on the lookout for people taking part in 'Drinksgiving'

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - It's become a tradition among the younger generation across the country, partying the night before Thanksgiving, otherwise called "Drinksgiving", and law enforcement is cracking down.

Officials are urging folks who plan to head out for drinks Wednesday night to have a plan.

The night has been dubbed Black Out Wednesday by many people who are home for the holidays.

"Oh yeah, I'm going out tonight," said Michael Bruno, of Charleston.

But why the night before Thanksgiving?

"I think some of it is the stress of seeing people in your family that might disagree with you," said Cole Meisner, of Charleston. "You're supposed to love and respect each other."

Other people have said it's a way to catch up with old friends you haven't seen in a while, but not everyone is in their hometown.

"A lot of us are away from home so we get together and make memories as a group instead, bar hopping," Meisner said.

"Some people celebrate Thanksgiving with turkey, and some people celebrate with Wild Turkey," said Sgt. Bob Beres with South Carolina Highway Patrol.

For those people who decide to go wild, law enforcement is on the lookout for you.

"Through all last year well over 10,000 people were arrested for DUI in South Carolina," Beres said. "Those are the people that were caught."

Highway Patrol will be out monitoring the roadways for drunk drivers, along with local police departments.

The one thing they're urging people to do, is have a plan.

"This is what we're concerned about, we want everyone around for the holidays," Beres said.

"I have a bunch of buddies that I'm going with," Bruno said. "We're setting up a plan beforehand. I'm either going to walk home to my place and stay out of trouble, or get an Uber or something like that. I feel like it's really not that hard to stay out of trouble. It's a choice you have to make."

"There's no reason in today's world for anyone to get a DUI," Beres added.

Highway Patrol will be conducting random DUI checkpoints across the state throughout the weekend and holiday season.

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