Employees seek justice for coworker killed in Summerville hit-and-run

SOL Southwest Kitchen in Summerville where Brett Farmer worked (Source: Live 5)
SOL Southwest Kitchen in Summerville where Brett Farmer worked (Source: Live 5)

SUMMERVILLE, SC (WCSC) - Employees at SOL Southwest Kitchen in Summerville want justice served after a driver hit one of their coworkers and fled the scene early Thanksgiving morning.

Brett Farmer, 23, of Summerville, was taken to Trident Medical Center for his injuries, according to Lt. Nick Santanna with the Summerville Police Department. Farmer died Thursday afternoon.

"You're cold and you're heartless to just leave somebody in the road like that," said kitchen manager Kevin Byas. "I hope justice comes to you."

Byas said Farmer was an employee of his who worked in dish, but most people knew him by another name.

"He also did juices for us," Byas said. "That's why we called him the Juice Man, and it just sort of stuck with him since he ever started doing that."

Farmer liked it so much, Byas said he even changed his Facebook name to "Juice Man".

"He was a goofy guy," he said. "Definitely could make everybody laugh. He had a contagious smile, was always trying to 'cut up' with people, and was never in a bad mood."

Byas said Farmer had worked a shift right before he was hit by a car on Holiday Drive near Azalea Square Boulevard.

Friday afternoon investigators were at the crime scene re-examining what could have happened.

"We help everybody out giving them rides home, but he did have his friend walking with him so I guess he didn't think it was that big of a deal to walk home that night," Byas said.

Byas said that friend and Farmer's family at work are handling the news pretty tough.

"It's sad to have to come to work and see everyone down and depressed about what happened," he said. "We're going to dearly miss him."

Byas said one way they're hoping to keep his memory alive is by leaving his name "Juice Man" on the schedule.

Meanwhile, Byas said deadly hit-and-runs are becoming all too common.

In downtown Charleston in July a hit-and-run took the life of another food and beverage worker he knew. She, like Farmer, was in her 20s.

"He was only 23," Byas said. "It's always the good ones. He definitely had a life, a full life in front of him. It's just sad, it's sad to see somebody like that go."

Farmer's memorial service will be Sunday at 4 p.m. at Dunbar Funeral Home, Dutch Fork Chapel, in Irmo.

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