Some post-Thanksgiving travelers beat the traffic with early departures

Some post-Thanksgiving travelers beat the traffic with early departures

CHARLESTON COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - There's more traffic on the road as people travel home from Thanksgiving destinations. 

Local travelers found the earlier they travel the better.

The Sunday after Thanksgiving is one of the busiest travel days of the year.

About 48.7 million Americans traveled for Thanksgiving according to AAA. No one
wants to be stuck in traffic on the way back home.

James Beall decided to get a head start and travel back to Charleston from Florida on Saturday. Fortunately this time around he didn't run
into major setbacks, but he knows how it can be from past experiences.

"It's a drag, you want to get home and relax and get ready for Monday," Beall said. 

Dominic Mack knows too.

"I get claustrophobia, we don't like that, and I get real mad,"
Mack said. 

Mack says his wife hit the road early for her trip from Charlotte. 

"Just to beat the traffic because they say the traffic is going to be kinda hectic, but she get down here pretty fast," Mack said. 

Beall says he had two reasons for returning early: football and to miss some of the traffic. 

"I left West Palm about nine o' clock in the morning so that I could get back in time for the Clemson-Carolina game and the traffic was heavy in some places," Beall said. 

Uber & Lyft Driver Larry Rydel says more people than usual were catching rides from him this week and many were travelers. 

"I only worked for four hours on Wednesday evening and made almost $200," Rydel said. "So yeah there was a lot of travel."

Thanksgiving travel was predicted to be the largest this year for airline carriers.

Santosh Ghumare came to Charleston with his family.

"We flew down from Washington D.C....we are heading to Columbia now because we went to school at USC," Ghumare said.

Travel plans for the people who were at the gas station Sunday  morning say things were smooth because they left their destinations early in the day. However, if you can't leave early and you're trying to avoid traffic, some suggest traveling the Monday after Thanksgiving.

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