Ohio State tragedy hits close to home for alumni living in Lowcountry

Ohio State tragedy hits close to home for alumni living in Lowcountry

MT. PLEASANT, SC (WCSC) - After Columbus police said an 18-year-old man drove onto the Ohio State University campus and hit several pedestrians before stabbing people, Lowcountry OSU alumni said this tragedy hits close to home.

"Of all the campuses, whenever anything like that happens it always hits close to home," Brooke Cribbs said.

Courtney and his wife Brook both met at OSU, and were shocked with what unfolded at their Alma mater Monday morning.

"You know Virginia Tech came to mind and now Ohio State, and sure these are huge campuses but I don't know if they're more easily assessable because you can get lost in the numbers opposed to a smaller school," Courtney Cribbs said.

Brooke Cribbs said when her husband first called to tell to tell her the news, she instantly started watching what was happening on her campus unfold on live TV.

"When he told me I was really shocked so I jumped on the internet and watched the live stream of what was going on. It was hard to believe because that's an area that we're very familiar with," Brooke Cribbs said.

With OSU defeating their rival Michigan State in a close game Saturday, Courtney said now was the time for the campus to be celebrating.

"48 hours ago that place was packed. I can only imagine if something like that would have happened then, with all the fans and everything in the streets so the fact that it's a Monday morning, the kids are going into school and all of a sudden this happens... it's just pretty amazing and you just can't believe this is happening in places that are close to home," Brooke Cribbs said.

"I just think evil people are going to strike wherever they see an opportunity I guess," Courtney Cribbs said.

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