Lowcountry's beloved 'Tony the Peanut Man' being laid to rest Wednesday

VIDEO: Lowcountry's 'Tony the Peanut Man' to be laid to rest Wednesday

NORTH CHARLESTON (WCSC) - The man known for selling peanuts with his unique song and dance is being laid to rest Wednesday.

Funeral services for Anthony Wright, known across the Lowcountry as "Tony the Peanut Man," are being held at Royal Missionary Baptist Church in North Charleston at 11 a.m.

Family, friends and longtime customers paid their respects to Wright at a public viewing Tuesday night. Lines were out the door at times as people said goodbye to the local legend, bringing in hundreds of people from all over the area.

Among them was former Charleston Mayor Joe Riley.

"He brought so much joy to the ballpark and to citizens," Riley said. "I can just picture little teeny children giggling and their grandparents laughing and tony got everybody with a smile on their face and as a bonus you had a chance to buy peanuts, too. But he was a great guy"

Wright died at 63 of natural causes last week, according to the Charleston County Coroner's Office.

Wright had his own line of peanut products since 1998 and with his signature song and dance, bow-tie and basket in hand, became a Lowcountry icon, endearing himself to fans and loyal customers at Joe Riley Park during RiverDogs games.

Many people who came to pay their respect said he was a legend for the community.

"Life is challenging and a lot of seriousness with it. To have somebody that can make you laugh and smile and giggle and be cheerful, that's a real blessing and Tony was that," Riley said.

"Tony was an icon in the community," North Charleston Police Deputy Chief Coyle Kinard said. "Everybody loved him and all the sporting events and parades the city would have, Tony was there. I can tell you, you could have one of the worst days in the world, and when he comes up with that smile it changes everything,"

He was also a fixture at local high school and college sporting events and in the old market.

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