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Orangeburg County Sheriff issues alert for potentially fatal drug

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Sheriff Leroy Ravenell with the Orangeburg County Sheriff's Office issued a warning that a potentially fatal illegal narcotic may have turned up in Orangeburg County.

"An investigation by my agency has discovered a narcotic that apparently has serious side effects up to and including death," the sheriff said. "This is a pain killer type of prescribed drug used only in rare instances. We're urging anyone on the illegal market in possession of or who have purchased any illegal pain killers to destroy them."

Ravenell said previous experiences with the narcotic is in pill form that can be ground into powder that may have resulted in fatal overdoses. 

"We're informing anyone that while this is an illegal narcotic, we don't want you risking your health or life by taking a chance," he said. "Don't handle it nor ingest any powder- or pill-form of narcotic you may have purchased on the streets."

The sheriff said the investigation is ongoing.

This is a developing story. Check back for details.

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