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Judge approves motion to bring Dylann Roof's attorneys back for part of trial

(Sketch: Robert Maniscalco) (Sketch: Robert Maniscalco)

The federal judge in the Dylann Roof trial has approved a motion to restore the suspect's counsel.

Roof, 22, faces 33 charges including hate crime and obstruction of religious exercise in the shooting deaths of nine at Emanuel AME Church in Charleston. 

Before jury selection began last week, Judge Richard Gergel approved a motion to have Roof represent himself, although he said it was unwise. Roof served as his own lawyer as 67 people were qualified for the jury pool.  

On Sunday, the Eastover man submitted a hand-written note asking for his counsel to take over for the guilt phase of the trial. He asked to be allowed to take over again for the sentencing phase. Gergel approved the motion, but strongly suggested Roof stick with his counsel during the sentencing phase as well.

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The judge did not approve a motion to dismiss indictments against Roof.

In a court document released Monday, Roof argued his federal hate crimes and obstruction of religious exercise charges were abuses of power. The suspect's defense team argued there was "no need for federal intervention" because the state was also punishing the crime.

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