N. Charleston prohibiting truckers from cutting through neighborhood

N. Charleston prohibiting truckers from cutting through neighborhood

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The City of North Charleston is one step away from banning truckers from using part of a neighborhood as a cut through.

City council is expected to vote Thursday night on an ordinance prohibiting vehicles with six wheels or more from using Mazyck and Fassitt Roads in the Midland Park neighborhood.

On any day it is common to see cars cutting through Mazyck and Fassitt Roads to avoid the traffic jams on Ashley Phosphate and Stall Roads.

"You're having traffic coming from the Stall Road area, trying to get from Ashley Phosphate, it's just ridiculous," resident Clinton Montgomery said.

It's not just the number of cars coming through that has folks concerned.

People are worried about the 18-wheelers that come around the curve where Mazyck meets Fassitt Road.

Amy Sullivan owns some apartments on Fassitt.

"To be honest, I worry because there are children in the area and so I do worry that some kid will come out, somebody will be going real fast and someone will get hurt," Sullivan said. "That's not a good thing."

Thomas Smith who is getting ready to rent an apartment on Fassitt Road.

He was happy to hear that big trucks won't be allowed to cut through anymore.

"There's not enough room on this road and it creates more of a headache and a safety issue as well," Smith said.

So truckers who have been using the neighborhood roads to avoid sitting in traffic won't be able to do it anymore.

Their only alternative might be Ashley Phosphate and Stall Roads.

"Fair is fair right? If we got to sit then why shouldn't they?" Sullivan said.

A city spokesman says after the ordinance will go into effect immediately after it is approved by council.

He says signs will be posted to make truckers aware.

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