TAKE A STAND: Highway 17 Safety

WCSC - VIDEO: TAKE A STAND: Highway 17 Safety

SAVANNAH, GA (WCSC/WTOC) - The death of a Savannah TV anchor hit close to home for Live 5.

Don Logana was a morning anchor at our sister station, WTOC. He was killed in a wreck on Nov. 20 on a South Carolina highway.

The driver of the other vehicle has been charged with felony DUI.

This dangerous stretch of Highway 17 has those who knew Don calling for action, including WTOC General Manager Larry Silberman:

We're all still trying to come to grips with the reality that Don was taken from us far too soon. I will say the outpouring of love and condolences has been overwhelming and is providing a certain amount of comfort that's being felt all the way up to his hometown of Syracuse, NY.

As is the case in all circumstances like this, people tell us they wish there was something they can say or do to make it better. Well, there is. That stretch of Highway 17 is one of the most dangerous, deadliest roadways in the state of South Carolina.

In the past five years, there have been more than 150 accidents there, 34 of which have happened just this year alone. There is a plan in place to widen Hwy. 17, but construction is not scheduled to start for two more years as the neighboring counties try to save every dollar they can to fund the $40 million project.

Consider this: It is time to let Governor Nikki Haley know that a major lifeline into the Lowcountry has turned into a deathtrap, and she must find a way to fix it now. I ask that everyone who see this calls the governor's office at 803-734-2100 or go to her website and demand that she find funding to get this project started immediately.

We must, and she must do all that we can to ensure that Don's life is the last one lost on this dangerous stretch of highway.

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