North Charleston Police investigating after toddler found walking alone

NORTH CHARLESTON (WCSC) - The Department of Social Services was contacted Thursday after a toddler walked away from a daycare and was found on Cosgrove Avenue, North Charleston police officers say.

Pam Chamberlain told officers she found the boy walking by himself around noon. She was leaving from DSS.

"My thought process was this child is in danger, there's a child walking the street with no adult supervision," Chamberlain said.

The child wouldn't speak with her, according to a report. Her instinct was to make sure the child was safe.

"So I decide to put him in the car I drive around the area and I located a daycare," Chamberlain said.

Authorities says another child who already in the car noticed an Owen's Christian Academy logo on his shirt a location confirmation. That's when Chamberlain returned the child to the school's supervisor.

"She thanked me and closed the door," Chamberlain said. "I left I came back and thought about it and that's why I decided to call North Charleston Police."

On Thursday the child was a block away from the school. He was near the intersection of Cosgrove Avenue and Cochise Street.

In the police report, the toddler's teacher tells the officers they were trying to get back inside the building after the kids were playing but no one was there to let them in. Authorities say that's when the teacher told someone else to watch the kids as she went around to enter from the front of the building. A teacher told officers she had no idea how the child was able to leave.

"It is a positive outcome because this child is united safely with his parents," Chamberlain said. "I just hope there is some repercussion."

The school is surrounded by a fence but police say the child could have left through an unlocked gate near the main entrance.

Authorities say the child's parents were notified and police are investigating what happened. There are cameras on the property, but police say the camera that viewed the playground area did not work.

The North Charleston Police Department has not said whether or not charges will be filed.

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