Candlelight memorial honors victims of drunk and drugged driving

Candlelight memorial honors victims of drunk and drugged driving

MONCKS CORNER, SC (WCSC) - The Berkeley County Prevention Board hosted a candlelight vigil Tuesday night to honor those killed or affected by drunk and drugged driving.

The special memorial reminded those who will be out celebrating over the holidays, to not drink and drive.

At the memorial there was caroling, speakers who were victims of drunk drivers, and also many people in attendance who had personally been affected by a drunk or drugged driver.

"Right before my house you could see my mailbox from there, a drunk driver crashed into my car and it injured me, but it killed my little girl on contact. I don't want any family to live through what my family goes through, Kelly DeHay said.

DeHay lost her daughter Kasey nine years ago. Her six-year-old son was sitting beside her daughter when a drunk driver hit their car.

DeHay said see attends these memorials to share her message of what happened to try and make sure it doesnt happen to anyone else.

"I don't want anybody else to make the decision that man did that night. I don't want anybody else to feel the pain that my family feels and my friends feel I don't want anybody to have to bury their own child because of a preventable crime, DeHay said.

She wasnt the only family member who told stories Tuesday night of loved once being taken from drunk driving incidents.

Paula Schaeffer talked about losing her daughter during the holiday season, and saying since her family has been serving a life sentence.

"We buried my daughter five days before Christmas. Five days. Families were unwrapping presents, we weren't, Schaeffer said.

Treva Zoll also spoke to the filled pews at Moncks Corner AME Church, telling what happened to her sister when a drunk driver was going 70 miles an hour, 40 miles over the limit. Zoll also said there is no reason for anyone to get behind a wheel under the influence.

"You have to plan before you go out. Because once you've been drinking your judgment is clouded."

Law enforcement officials who were in attendance warned that their divisions would be out in "full force" over the holidays to make sure there's one less driver on the roadways this holiday season.

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