Government releases Polly Sheppard's 911 call in Emanuel AME shooting

Sheppard testifies in court Wednesday. (Source:Robert Maniscalco )
Sheppard testifies in court Wednesday. (Source:Robert Maniscalco )
Source: Live 5
Source: Live 5

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The government has released the 911 audio of one of the survivors of the Emanuel AME Church shooting which took the lives of nine people.

The 5 1/2 minute 911 call was made by Polly Sheppard who survived the June 2015 shooting in downtown Charleston.

The release of the audio by the government follows Sheppard's testimony in federal court earlier on Wednesday where she told jurors that Dylann Roof told her that he was going to let her live so she could tell the story.

"Please Emanuel Church. There's plenty of people shot down here. Please send somebody right away," says Sheppard to an emergency dispatcher.

Sheppard can be heard crying and telling the 911 operator that the shooter shot the pastor and all the men in the church.

At one point in the call, Sheppard tells the operator that she's under a table and believes the shooter is still in the church in an office.

Sheppard is able to give a description of the shooter and said that the shooter was reloading.

"There's so many people dead I think," Sheppard says in the call."Oh my god."

During the call, Sheppard is heard praying.

As Sheppard talks to the operator, you can hear Felicia Sanders comforting her son, Tywanza, who was shot. He is heard moaning.

The call ends with authorities entering the church.

In federal court Wednesday morning, Sheppard grabbed two tissues before she testified.

She said Roof found her praying out loud under a table after he opened fire on the parishioners.

"He told me to shut up," she said. "He asked if he shot me yet — I said no. He said I'm going to leave you to tell the story."

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