Things to consider when giving a pet as a gift

Things to consider when giving a pet as a gift
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"It's like a blind marriage. You know you're gonna suddenly have this pet that you're gonna have for 15 or more years," Veterinarian Henri Bianucci said.

Many people ask for pets for Christmas, but before you go wrapping up a furry friend there are many things you should consider.

"At worse you have a pet that may be neglected. That may spend ten hours a day by itself and see its owner briefly and then you have some busy career person who doesn't have time for a pet but they feel bad getting rid of it so they just sort of keep it," Bianucci said.

Some key things you should consider before going to buy an animal.

  1. Where will the pet sleep and eat
  2. Who will walk it and clean up after it
  3. Will it be allowed in all rooms of the house, is the living space large enough
  4. Is the owner financially responsible
  5. What kind of pet will fit the family dynamics

"I don't think it's always a bad idea and I don't always think it's a good idea. I think that if you're going to give somebody a pet you should know them very well," Bianucci said.

He said if the pet is for a family member that you know very well, such as your kids, that is fine. But it starts to get out there when you're buying a pet for a family member. He said to make sure whoever you purchase the pet for, they can take full responsibility. As the person who gifts the pet, he said they would be the backstop if the pet cannot be properly taken care of.

"Never be on impulse. I think it's something that you have thought through. I think it should be ultimately you should be able to take responsibility if it doesn't work out," Bianucci said.