Charleston Police Department issues phone scam alert

Charleston Police Department issues phone scam alert

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Charleston Police Department issued a scam alert in a tweet regarding a phone scam that is circulating this holiday season.

In the tweet from the CPD Twitter account, they warn businesses and residents that scammers may call imposing as a representative from a major energy provider.

The scammers will claim to cut your electrical power if they do not receive a same-day payment.

The scammers typically target restaurants and stores on Friday, when they are most likely to be busy, according to CPD.

There are strict regulations governing the proper shut off of utilities and the legal process includes several written notices to the customer, CPD said.

CPD shares signs of a fraudulent call that businesses and residents should be aware of.

  • It is most likely a scam if you are hearing about the payment being due for the first time.
  • They use intimidation tactics.
  • The lack of previous notices and they insist on same-day payment.
  • If the caller asks for wired money order or suggests you use a prepaid card and read the number to them over the phone.

If a call seems suspicious at all, CPD suggests you may:

  • Give them your company's management contact information.
  • Contact your local police.
  • Report the scam to the attorney General office.
  • Inform your corporate office of the phone call.

Phone numbers can also be googled for fraud notice, CPD said.

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