AAA: More than 93 million Americans to travel this holiday season

AAA: More than 93 million Americans to travel this holiday season

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - If you plan on driving to your holiday destination, you won't be alone.

AAA says more than 93 million Americans will hit the road to see family or friends or just vacation. That number is an increase of 1.5 percent over this time last year.

Many more people are driving during the holidays because of lower gas prices.

AAA says today marks the start of the holiday driving season.

Whether drivers are going home or to visit family, many people say this year, traveling is easier on the wallet.

"The gas prices down here are a little bit cheaper then where I'm normally from." Tina Stanton from Virginia said.

AAA says this holiday season we are seeing the second cheapest gas prices since 2009 when the average price was $1.62.

"Gas is so much cheaper, especially when you cross from North Carolina into South Carolina. We got it for $1.97. In Asheville, the cheapest you can get it is like $2.19." Diane Fox described the differences in gas prices.

AAA says there's another reason so many people are getting behind the wheel for Christmas, a much improved economy.

"I am surprised at the influx of people who are spending money on a daily basis, more vacations, more traveling by plane, car, etc. It's almost as if the recession is over." Pat Abrahamson, a traveler said.

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