Busiest holiday travel season is in full swing

It’s a day after Christmas and holiday travel period is full swing. AAA expects a record 103 million  Americans will be traveling for the holidays.

Most will travel by car, but there are some that take to the skies, with more than 6 million Americans expected to fly from Christmas Eve until Monday, Jan 2.

Here in Charleston we’re seeing a lot of travelers taking off, Monday night several delays were posted up on the Charleston airport’s website, you check your status here.

Already Monday morning those flying into town were having problems with the airlines.

"I lost my luggage this time, on a non-stop flight. Five or six other people lost their luggage too,” Lauren Snider said.

And for some travelers they planned ahead to try and beat the lines at the airport.

"We left at midnight just to avoid the rush,” Kit Turner from Las Vegas said.

CHARLESTON COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - For one family their holiday traveling stresses started even before they got to the airport.

"We were thinking man this is the day after Christmas everyone is gonna be traveling coming back home after the holiday season but you know it wasn't as bad as we expected. Had a little bit of a rocky start on our end this morning. Not meaning to throw the family under the bus but we worked through it.," Andrew Pate said.

But for his family he said once they got to the airport things went smoothly, and he thinks the family can help pull the family together to put the morning stresses in the past.
This increase in holiday travel that we’re seeing this holiday season is much greater than last year, with more than 2 million more Americans traveling this year compared to last.
AAA said this increase is led by additional consumer spending and rising wages. As well as the lower gas prices which helps prompt more traveling.
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